Siamang, Orangutan, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Bonobo,
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1999-2005 William H. Calvin. 

William H. Calvin 
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The Great Apes of Africa
 Their body size overlaps with the human range; even when smaller, they are much stronger.

Western Lowland GORILLA RANGE:  southeast Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo and Equatorial Guinea

Students and teachers are welcome to borrow these low-resolution photos for non-commercial uses.  There is no need to ask permission, just  "Photo credit"   Right-click on an image and save it to disk.   Except as noted, all photographs are by William H. Calvin.








Vila, 46, female

Large guts are needed to process 50 pounds per day of low quality food (leaves, bamboo) in the wild.

The 570-pound silverback carries zoo food back to his favorite spot at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

The built-in eyeshade.

When I say "jump," soldier,
I want to hear you say "How high, sir?"

(Actually, this is grooming, using lips.)

Nina, 37, female of group 1, Seattle. Naku, 4.5 yr old female, and mother Alafia, 15, group 1 Seattle

Nadiri,  9, female in group 1, Seattle


Naku, 4.5 yr old female in group 1, Seattle


San Diego Wild Animal park gorilla facts

Seattle gorilla factsheets: Group 1, Group 2

map by Dennis ONeil

Gibbon, Siamang, Orangutan, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Bonobo,
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William H. Calvin is a neurobiologist at the University of Washington in Seattle who wanders regularly into anthropology, evolution, and climate change.  He is the author of A Brain for All Seasons, winner of the Phi Beta Kappa 2002 Book Award for contributions to literature by scientists.


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