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At last: your chance to attain scientific literacy
straight from the Science Masters

"This is good publishing. PBS, eat your heart out." -KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Aimed at busy, nonmathematical readers, this precise series evinces solid quality control and begins under highly favorable auspices." -A.L.A. BOOKLIST

These short, easy-to-read, attractive books present cutting-edge ideas in a format that will enable a broad audience to attain scientific literacy. Here is a platform from which leading scientists in a range of disciplines, from astrophysics to zoology, can communicate their ideas to general readers. Those who understand the importance of scientific literacy in today's world will not want to miss this series.

Books in The Science Masters Series:
The Periodic Kingdom by P W. ATKINS

The Last Three Minutes by PAUL DAVIES

Nature's Numbers by IAN STEWART

The Origin of Humankind by RICHARD LEAKEY

The Origin of the Universe by JOHN D. BARROW

River Out of Eden by RICHARD DAWKINS

Kinds of Minds by DANIEL C. DENNETT

How Brains Think by WILLIAM H. CALVIN

Laboratory Earth: The Planetary Gamble We Can't Afford to Lose by STEPHEN H. SCHNEIDER

The Human Brain: A Guided Tour by SUSAN A. GREENFIELD

Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality by JARED DIAMOND

One Renegade Cell: The Origins of Cancer by ROBERT A. WEINBERG

The Pony Fish's Glow: And Other Clues to Plan and Purpose in Nature by GEORGE C. WILLIAMS

The Pattern on the Stone by DANIEL HILLIS

Evolution & the History of Life
by Stephen J. Gould

Future contributors include:







The Science Masters Series is a global publishing venture consisting of original science books written by leading scientists and published by a worldwide team of twenty-six publishers assembled by John Brockman. The series was conceived by Anthony Cheetham of Orion Publishers and John Brockman of Brockman Inc., a New York literary agency, and developed in coordination with BasicBooks.

Brockman, Inc.
5 East 59th Street
New York NY 10022 USA.
phone +1(212)935-8900, fax +1(212)935-5535
e-mail rights@brockman.com

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