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William H. Calvin


German translations

The quick way to check availability is this link to all my German editions at amazon.de.

William H. Calvin (1986). The River that Flows Uphill: A Journey from the Big Bang to the Big Brain.
German translation Der Strom der bergauf fließt: Ein Reise durch die Evolution (Carl Hanser Verlag, 1994), DM58-. [click here to see German cover]

William H. Calvin (1989). The Cerebral Symphony: Seashore Reflections on the Structure of Consciousness.
German translation Die Symphonie des Denkens (Carl Hanser Verlag 1993 hardcover, dtv softcover 1995, DM 22.90). [click here to see German cover]

William H. Calvin (1990). The Ascent of Mind: Ice Age Climates and the Evolution of Intelligence.
The German translation, Der Schritt aus der Kälte, is now available.

William H. Calvin (1991). How the Shaman Stole the Moon: In Search of Ancient Prophet-Scientists from Stonehenge to the Grand Canyon.
German translation from Hanser, released February 1996, entitled Wie der Schamane den Mond stahl.[click here to see German cover]

William H. Calvin and George A. Ojemann (1994). Conversations with Neil's Brain: The Neural Nature of Thought and Language.
German translation Einsicht ins Gehirn (Carl Hanser Verlag 1995), DM58-. [click here to see German cover]

William H. Calvin, How Brains Think (1996).
In March 1998, Spektrum published it under the title: Wie das Gehirn denkt: Die Evolution der Intelligenz. Click here to see German cover.

William H. Calvin, The Cerebral Code (1996).  The German translation, Die Sprache des Gehirns: Wie in unserem Bewutsein Gedanken entstehen, is at amazon.de.

If there is no translation for your language, complain at a relevant publisher and point them toward my literary agent:

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fax +1(212)935-5535 ....... e-mail rights@brockman.com

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