The CO2 Foundation Handouts

Okay to print and distribute the handouts, both as PDFs and as print.

1. Open the Printer Properties. 2. Set for Two-sided, Landscape. 3. Flip on short edge. 4. Uncheck Scale to Fit. 5. Ignore too-big warning. 6. Z-fold using gray guidelines. 7. Take to meetings.

Reprinting as Op-Ed columns: They are the right size and have been written to stand alone without illustrations and subheads. Please consult.

William H. Calvin
University of Washington professor
William H. Calvin

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PDF for long article Exhibits.

The text for my entry in the 2013 MIT Climate CoLab contest; it was the top ranked in the Geoengineering section.

These are the illustrations for a long magazine article that I am preparing:

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