The Human Odyssey Reading List 2001

The Most Beautiful Villages of the Dordogne
by James Bentley, Hugh Palmer (Photographer) (Hardcover - September 1996)
Prehistoric Europe : An Illustrated History
by Barry W. Cunliffe(Editor) (Paperback - April 1998)
The Shamans of Prehistory : Trance and Magic in the Painted Caves
by Jean Clottes, et al (Hardcover - October 1998)
The Cave of Lascaux : The Final Photographs
by Mario Ruspoli, Yves Coppens (Designer) (Hardcover - May 1987)


Cave of Altamira
by Antonio Beltran (Editor), et al (Hardcover - September 1999)
The Neanderthal Legacy
by Paul Mellars (Hardcover)
Frank O. Gehry : Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
by Coosje Van Bruggen, et al (Hardcover - March 1998)


by G. P. Baker (Paperback - October 1999)

Religion and Authority in Roman Carthage from Augustus to Constantine
by J.B. Rives (Hardcover - March 1995)
The Ancient Mediterranean
by Michael Grant (Paperback - January 1990)



African Ark : People and Ancient Cultures of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
by Carol Beckwith(Photographer), et al (Hardcover - September 1990)
Lucy : The Beginnings of Humankind
by Donald C. Johanson, Maitland Armstrong Edey(Photographer) (Paperback - September 1990)
Adventures in the Bone Trade: The Race to Discover Human Ancestors in Ethiopia's Afar Depression
by Jon E. Kalb (Hardcover - October 2000)


Serengeti : Natural Order on the African Plain
by Mitsuaki Iwago (Hardcover - September 1996)
The Origin of Humankind (Science Masters Series)
by Richard E. Leakey (Paperback - September 1996)
The Tree Where Man Was Born (Penguin Nature Classics)
by Peter Matthiessen (Paperback - April 1995)
Ancestral Passions : The Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind's Beginnings
by Virginia Morell (Paperback - August 1996)


Islamic Arts (Art & Ideas)
by Jonathan Bloom, et al (Paperback - July 1997)
A History of the Arab Peoples
by Albert Hourani (Paperback - April 1992)
History of the Persian Empire
by Arthur T. Olmstead (Paperback - February 1959)
Persian Mirrors : The Elusive Face of Iran
by Elaine Sciolino (Hardcover - October 2000)

Persians : Masters of the Empire (Lost Civilizations)
by Time Life(Editor) (Hardcover - August 1995)
Ancient Persia : From 550 Bc to 650 Ad
by Josef Wiesehofer (Hardcover - September 1998)
Persepolis : The Archaeology of Parsa, Seat of the Persian Kings
by Donald N. Wilber (Hardcover - April 1989)


Sabriya : A Novel (Emerging Voices Series)
by Ulfat Idlibi, et al (Paperback - March 1998)
The Arts and Crafts of Syria/Collection Antoine Touma and Linden-Museum Stuttgart
by Johannes Kalter, et al (Hardcover - March 1993)
Crusader Syria in the Thirteenth Century : The Rothelin Continuation of the History of William of Tyre With Part of the Eracles or Acre Text (Crusade)
by Janet Shirley(Translator) (Hardcover - August 1999)
In the House of the Law : Gender and Islamic Law in Ottoman Syria and Palestine
by Judith E. Tucker (Paperback - July 2000)


Malta (The American Geographical Society Around the World Program)
by Roger Balm (Paperback - September 1996)
Malta, An Archaeological Paradise
by Anthony Bonanno, Mario Mintoff (Paperback - January 1997)
The Knights of Malta
by H. J. A. Sire (Paperback - October 1996)


Our Beginnings
Journey Through the Ice Age
by Paul G. Bahn, Jean Vertut (Photographer) (Hardcover)
Journey Through the Ice Age
by Paul G. Bahn, Jean Vertut (Paperback)
In the Footsteps of Eve : The Mystery of Human Origins
by Lee R. Berger, Brett Hilton-Barber(Contributor) (Hardcover - June 2000)
Life : A Natural History of the First Four Billion Years of Life on Earth
by Richard Fortey (Paperback - September 1999)
The Way of the World : From the Dawn of Civilizations to the Eve of the Twenty-First Century
by David Fromkin (Paperback - February 2000)
The Neandertal Enigma : Solving the Mystery of Modern Human Origins
by James Shreeve
The Last Neanderthal : The Rise, Success, and Mysterious Extinction of Our Closest Human Relatives
by Ian Tattersall (Paperback - December 1999)
Prehistoric Art and Civilization (Discoveries)
by Denis Vialou (Paperback - October 1998)


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